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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 00:00

 Her får dere info på urdu i pdf om Jamia Chishtia Rabbania. Klikk på linjen som du vil lese om.



Alkhair is a Norwegian relief organization that has the following objectives.

  •  improve people's living conditions
  • ensure children and youth education
  • ensure that children and their families have access to the most basic health care
  • help people in emergency situation regardless of background and color
  • fight poverty in a sustainable way
We are volunteers who work for a good cause. Our goal is what we can contribute to others. For resource vigil, poor and orphaned children and young people. Women who are unable to marry due to lack of finances.

So far we have managed to establish a school in Pakistan where the poor and orphaned children receive education. Initiator for alkhair and Jamia Chishtia Rabbani was Allama Mushtaq Ahmed Chishti. An active and engaged person. He, his family and his friends contributed large sums of money by establishing a school Jamia Chishtia Rabbani. He is not among us today. He died in September 2002 and is buried at Jamia Chishtia Rabbani. Some of his friends who also contributed with great effort did not live today. Our thoughts and pigeon goes to those who began with a fabulous job and showed us the way to good actions.

 Will you also help contribute to a good cause, then please contact us.



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